Bringing your business to life with compelling corporate video


Corporate video has fast become the most effective and valuable form of communication for businesses. Research continues to show that audiences prefer video over static content for understanding what businesses do.

Even more importantly, it’s also been proven that audiences better retain information through an audio and visual medium than chunks of text.

At Pickle Pictures, we’re experts at bringing your business to life with compelling video. We’re incredibly experienced, having worked on all types of corporate video for all types of businesses.

From large-scale multi-nationals to innovative start-ups, we’ve crafted many end-to-end productions that showcase what businesses do. This includes:

·      Internal communications videos

·      Event and conference videos

·      Web videos

·      Demonstration videos

·      Promotional videos

·      Product launch videos

·      Social media videos

We keep the whole process simple and easy

From concept to launch, we work closely with you and your marketing team to ensure your distinct brand voice comes through and feels like it belongs within your existing material.

Right people for the right job

Our talented network of Melbourne production pros are brought onto individual projects, which helps reduce your overheads and ensures a fast turnaround for any deadline. These camera operators, writers, designers and animators are the best in the business and incredibly passionate about what they do.

You’ll be in safe hands with our director Michael De Robbio. He will oversee everything and keep you up-to-date from start to finish. He can co-ordinate complex shoots with ease and is always on hand to guide you through the process.

If you’re preparing to brainstorm new ideas or have a tight concept ready to be filmed, we ca guarantee an engaging, creative piece of video content.

With corporate video becoming more important every day, the team at Pickle Pictures can bring your brand to life and make a big impact.


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