3 Top Tips for Great Health and Wellbeing Videos

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture”.

– Somebody

Heard this crazy, ol’ saying before? Well, even if you haven’t, let us take a moment to explain. Sometimes, the mode of communication you’re using isn’t a great fit for its purpose. Sometimes, you have to rethink the way you’re communicating. 

Try reading that a second time.

To put this into context, the way you present your subject matter, in video format, matters. 

When producing a video about health and wellbeing, for example, there’s every chance you want it to be short, sharp, engaging and uplifting – not least because your audience won’t want to be sitting down, in a chair, for minutes at a time; sifting through content that keeps them static!

To summarise: if you’re an agency, video production company, animation company, social media video producer or otherwise and producing content for the health and wellbeing industry, you’ve got to keep the audience, context and purpose of your content firmly in-mind at all times.

Ready? Let’s look at our Top 3 Tips for great health and wellbeing videos!

1. Humanise your videos for social media

In 2021, it’s true that most marketers (63%) believe engagement with video to be one of the top marketing metrics available.

So what keeps viewers engaged?

The research consistently tells us that the best social media videos and animations are ones that humanise your business; that keep it feeling authentic, warm, fresh and connected to the needs and interests of your audience.

For videos in the health and wellbeing industry, this rings even more true. Why? Because videos that showcase the benefits of health and wellbeing need to be presented in a way that celebrates human nature and the beauty of human experiences.

How can you humanise your videos? Try this:

  • Include live talent in your videos (animations can work too, but human talent connects directly to human audiences)
  • Cast a broad range of talent that speaks to the demographics, needs and interests of your target audience
  • Include to-camera delivery in your video productions
  • Script carefully and closely to ensure key messaging is front-and-centre of the narrative in your social media videos
  • Base your content on a narrative that is human interest in nature

And of course, if you need a tailored solution fit to your very own requirements, you can contact Pickle Pictures for an obligation-free discovery call.

In the meantime, why not:

2. Keep your videos short, sharp and focused in narrative

What’s the ideal length of social media video?

Well, put simply, it depends on the context and format, as well as the platform on which you want to publish it.

But did you know, in general, that:

  • Approximately 60% of social media and marketing videos are less than 2 minutes long
  • Only 3% of business, corporate, social media and marketing videos are between 10-20 minutes in length, and
  • Around 60% of people say that if a video is “too long” they’ll click away?

(Vidyard 2021)

The simple way to put it? Keep it short, sharp, simple and focused!

And especially for your health and wellbeing industry videos. Why? Because when the people watching your video are likely to be – or likely wanting to be – active, chances are they’re going to feel even less enthusiastic about a lengthy social media video.

Finally, it’s time to:

3. Let the talent shine

The research consistently demonstrates that it’s humans that connect best with other humans. 

I mean, what can we say? We were designed for human interaction. So, if video can help facilitate that, why would we not bank in on it?

Videos for the health and wellbeing sector should continue to build upon this idea. In order to be as effective as possible, increasing the opportunity for excitement, engagement and ROI, they should place human talent front-and-centre of their appeal.

How can you maximise the presence of your human talent? Try:

  • Putting time and effort into carefully developing and scripting your video production so that it contains carefully structured key messaging
  • Speak with us about particular styles, techniques and angles that can enhance the presence of your human talent
  • Engaging actors – people who are trained to to deliver exactly the kind of narrative and vibe you’re after in a scripted production

And really, there’s so much more that can be done when it comes to maximising the effect of your videos for the health and wellbeing industry.

Not sure where to begin? We can help

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