Open Doors campaign video

We're very proud to share our latest work, produced for the Taxi Services Commission.

We made a series of videos for TSC's Open Doors Campaign, which aims to raise awareness among taxi drivers of the importance of accepting passengers with assistance animals. 

Pickle Pictures followed three assistance animals and their owners. By capturing their daily activities, we showed the important role assistance animals play in helping owners live independent and successful lives.  

We had a wonderful experience working on this project. It was fantastic to see the close, life-changing relationships the dogs had with their owners.

We used four different cameras on the shoot, also utilising drones and GoPro footage. This enabled us to shoot exterior shots of the travelling taxis and capture some fun, 'dog-cam' shots where we could see the world from the dog's point of view.

It was an amazing shoot and we're hugely supportive of the message behind the campaign. It feels truly rewarding to help highlight the positive experience these passengers had during their journeys.

Maysa and Clementine 

Melanie and Paddington

Michael and Fizz