infographic video animation

We had fun working on a short, social media video for Energy Australia recently. Colourful animated infographics are a great way to get tons of information across to your audience, in a super quick and eye catching way.

We used text on screen so that viewers could engage with the animation's content, without having audio playing. This is perfect for when someone is skimming through their social media pages in a place where they might want to keep their sound off, for example, sitting on a bus or lining up in a queue at the bank. 

We also showed off the brand's recognisable colours and used fun graphics to highlight their playful personality. Colourful motion helps catch the eye of a viewer flitting through endless online content and encourages them to engage with and share your message.

Keeping videos short is essential for online content. Nowadays, people are used to watching brief, entertaining clips and getting their information fast. With mobile viewing, people are less likely to watch videos longer than around two minutes, so short and snappy content is where it's at.

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