corporate video internal communications

Video represents a fantastic way to get your message across when communicating with your colleagues. Videos are more accessible and vibrant than emails or messages, which can easily get lost in the daily rush or forgotten in an ever-growing Inbox. Short and effective video recordings ensure that no part of your message gets lost or misinterpreted.

But when creating your videos you need to make sure that your underlying message is presented loudly and clearly. So to help you get recording-ready, here are our top five tips to ensure that your recording goes smoothly, and doesn't end up looking like a YouTube amateur.

1. Keep your eyes on the prize

The most important aspect of filming can be hard to remember if all you're staring at is a lens or a webcam: you're presenting to an audience, so engage them. Make sure you look right into the camera unless you're talking to an interviewer. Don't let your eyes wander to your desk, the view outside your window, or even worse - your phone.

2. Be, or at least, channel confidence

Nothing is more distracting than a shaky voice or hands. Even if presenting doesn't come naturally to you, there are ways to pretend that it does. Take a sip of water or your favourite drink before you begin to help calm you and clear your throat, and hold onto a book or a coffee mug to help keep your body relaxed.

3. Sprinkle in a bit of you

Don't be afraid to let your personality shine here. That's what makes you, well - YOU, and not a news reporter. Talk as you normally would: include phrases that you normally use in everyday speech around the office, and sign on and off with your signature greeting.

4. Have a game plan in mind

Just like with public speaking, you need to have some frame of reference for your presentation. Virtually no-one, except for ad-lib comedians, can pull off a perfect show with no prior thought. So take a minute to think: are you updating everyone on a project's status? Informing them of company changes? Or just sending a friendly greeting to new staff members? Keeping the main point of your presentation in mind will keep you focused.

5. Dot points are your friends

Last but not least, it helps if you've prepped your talk beforehand with a few dot points. Write them on index cards, or memorise them before filming. They'll help keep your talk on track and prevent you from drifting away on a verbal tangent.  

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