© Clickview, 2016.

© Clickview, 2016.

Hooray! The second series of, BERTRAM POPPINGSTOCK: PROBLEM SOLVER is now screening on Australian television on ABC3 and ABC iview! I created the show (along with awesome writer Matthew C. Vaughan), as well as producing and editing it. The series was made for Clickview, an educational video production and distribution company. 

It's really fun for me to be able to work on all sorts of different content and this educational comedic drama brought with it many unique experiences and challenges.

I'd been given the task of producing several short programs to help school students with their English studies. At the time I was watching the BBC series, 'Sherlock' and thought it would be fun to come up with a similar obsessive, genius character. Our hero would be a bookshop owner infatuated with words, grammar and literature and from this, the idea of 'Bertram Poppingstock' was born.

Capturing Bertram's audio

Capturing Bertram's audio

The character's odd surname came from a silly nickname I had once given my dog for reasons I can't rightly explain. I felt the ridiculous name was pompous sounding and weird enough to suit Bertram and that it kind of sounded like an outburst of annoyance. Pompous, weird and irritable. All things that sum up the personality of Bertram perfectly.

During production, I loved working with the cast and crew and one of the things I truly enjoy doing as a producer is bringing great teams of people together.  On this shoot, I feel I was able to achieve that goal. Everyone was very prepared in their roles and we worked through the scenes in a structured, controlled and enjoyable manner.

Of course the production wasn't without it's difficulties. We filmed largely outdoors in a Melbourne January, so some days we were burning up from crazy 38 degree heat and on other days we were twiddling our thumbs waiting for relentless rain to stop.

During the edit, was when I really had the most fun. I love editing and I feel that's when a lot of creativity comes in to play. Every job I work on makes me a better editor and I believe that challenging and complex edits force you to up your game. I learned a whole bunch of new tricks and techniques on this series and I've been using them on subsequent edits for my clients.

Be sure to watch Bertram Poppingstock series 2, on ABC3 every Friday or catch up on ABC iview.

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