Publishing video content for your brand is a great way to connect with your audience in a dynamic, engaging fashion, but just how exactly do you go about making corporate videos that your customers will want to see? Read on for five tips to help you create videos that will get seen.

Work on your concepts and ideas first

Work on your concepts and ideas first

Plan and Hone Your Ideas

Before production starts, take the time to figure out what message you want to convey to your audience. Pay attention to the important details and think about what the overall focus of the video is. Make sure you don't bombard your viewers with too many messages or unnecessary information.

Figure Out Your Audience

Keep in mind that the purpose of your video is to engage your customers and clients. Put yourself in their shoes and think about the types of content they might be searching for online. Promotional videos tend not to do as well as those that answer a question or provide a solution to a problem. Your video needs to add value for your customers. As much as you might like to be all things to all people, this is virtually impossible. Keep your audience specific in order to effectively target their unique needs.

Hire a Great Production Team

It is worth the expense to hire an experienced production team to work on your video. They will have the proper equipment to get high quality footage and audio and will have the experience to advise you throughout the complicated production process. A great production team should be able to work with you, develop your ideas and keep you involved throughout.

Show, Don't Tell

With video, you have the unique ability to show your audience what you want them to know rather than merely telling them. We are visual creatures, and a video demonstration or a story that viewers can connect with will resonate in their memories more so than simply listening to someone talk about your brand.

Understand Where Your Video Will Be Shown

A video on the about page of your corporate website will generate a different viewing audience than a video that you post on YouTube. Similarly, a video that you post on social media should be entertaining and shareable so that your followers will want to share it with their followers as well.

These five tips should get you well on your way to creating great corporate videos. Just remember that it is not enough to just post your videos online. You've got to promote them in order to get them in front of the eyes of your customers, so don't neglect this important step. Happy shooting!

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