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The way we view content online is changing as rapidly as the technology that drives it and the tastes of our audiences as they become increasingly media-savvy. Because of this, it has never been so important to stay on top of trends. The world of content marketing is moving so fast that content marketers have to be ahead of the game in order to meet the constant challenges it presents. Here we take a look at some of the predicted top trends for content marketing over the coming year.

1. Video

According to a recent report by Cisco, video will account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2019, with almost a million minutes of video content being shared every second. Experts claim we are still in the early stages of growth in video content, which has exploded over the last couple of years, largely due to mobile technology and social media; the number of video posts per person on Facebook increased 75% in the 2014-15 period alone.

2. Social Media

Social media is an essential platform for content marketers to tap into, as it offers unprecedented access to your target audience; 74% of all online adults now have at least one social media profile. In addition, it allows you to mix the media with which you share your content, allowing for video content alongside text, enabling you to spread your message in a variety of ways to appeal to different users.

Social media has also changed the way in which online content is published, as several of the main platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook, have now developed their own publishing platforms to enable content marketers to post content specific to their users.

This is an important factor to bear in mind; the users of each social media platform tend to be from different demographics, and therefore interact with online content in different ways. It’s important to have a comprehensive social media strategy, tailoring your content to attract your target audiences on each platform separately, where applicable.

3. Mobile

Over 80% of internet users now own a smartphone, and this is changing the way in which people interact with content online, especially video content. Short content has a 67% chance of being viewed on a smartphone, compared to just 33% for a video of 10 minutes or more. People viewing content on mobile devices want easily-digestible content in a user-friendly format, without the need to zoom or pinch. This, combined with mobile optimisation now being a factor in a site’s Google ranking, means mobile is no longer a choice for content marketers.

4. Interactive Content

As people are bombarded with content online, they are expecting more out of it, such as it becoming more personalised and relevant to them. Technology now allows for content to be highly interactive. Content marketers should look at having content professionally developed and designed, that enables users to click on the sections that are of the most interest to them, and take different paths within the content. Interactive gaming content is also expected to become a priority.

5. Niche Content

As broader topics are becoming saturated online, there is likely to be a shift towards content that is highly specific to your target audience. Audiences no longer want quick answers; they prefer long form content that solves all their problems relating to a particular query. That’s why it’s more important than ever for content marketers to have the right data at their fingertips to inform their content. Tools such as keyword level call tracking allow marketers to see the exact keywords used in searches that have led users to their websites, enabling them to target their content marketing more effectively.

All the predicted trends for content marketing in 2017 are heavily influenced by technology and the ways in which users interact with it. If you want to target your content marketing to the best advantage, it would seem the key is to understand the technology and what your users want from it in order to gain a better understanding of what they want from you.

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