training video camera

The importance of proper and effective employee training extends to businesses in all industries and fields. Professional development provides an investment tool which creates much more efficient employees and a much higher level of job satisfaction and retention.

However, one of the greatest challenges businesses face when it comes to training is how to cover the costs. Continually sending employees to travel for seminars is a costly process that may not be possible within some budgets. Many other training options simply do not yield the effective results you demand.

Fortunately, there is a solution that yields excellent training results for new staff, customers, and even ongoing employee development. This solution comes in the form of video training.

Why Video Training Is Better

A large body of research has shown that video training is one of the best tools for training across the board. This is true thanks to the following factors:

  • Visual and Audio Together Is Better for Learning

The human brain is attracted to visual stimuli, and pictures and words facilitate a much greater level of learning and retention. This concept is also known as the Picture Superiority Effect. Data shows a 65-percent average retention rate for words and pictures after three days compared with just 10-percent retention for text alone.

  • Video Can Demonstrate Actions and Include More Learning Aides

Depending on the specific training that is provided, a video can give you a direct look at how to complete a job or action. This type of engagement goes far beyond a typical learning environment and standard training session.

Furthermore, added learning tools, such as animations or location-based scenes, enhance the learning and retention through video.

  • Videos Provide Consistent Training to Everyone

A video is an ideal method to provide consistent training to employees across an organisation. This is particularly helpful for larger-scale enterprises or businesses that have employees at multiple locations. There is no doubt that employees will all receive the exact same level of training, no matter where they are.

  • Videos Are Convenient for Any Schedule

Traditional training requires specific schedules, making it difficult to coordinate with ongoing hiring. By opting for video, scheduling is no longer an issue. These training tools can be deployed whenever necessary to eliminate the need for specific training schedules.

Video: Easier and Better for You

No matter what type of training you need, video gives you an effective and flexible solution. The convenience of on-demand use, alongside the increased learning effectiveness, provides businesses with everything they need for consistent, effective training results.

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