DIY Digital: Making the Most of Your Smartphone in 4 Simple Steps

Photo by from Pexels

When it comes to your business’ output, have you ever had that I wish feeling?

It usually goes something like this:

Q: I wish I had…

  1. More clients

  2. Additional resources

  3. Better equipment

  4. A cold beer/wine

A: All of the above

Don’t we all. But what if we told you that you can achieve everything in this list (bar the ice-cold drink - that’ll come) using an everyday item that you - and most of your employees - are likely to own?

No surprises here, and especially so if you took note of the title of this here blog. That’s right: whip out your smartphones, team. It’s time to get down to business with your brand new (phone-shaped) business partner!

1. Get a (battery) life

Yes, our phones can do all the things. They help us produce awesome, on-the-go digital content include photos, video footage and voice recordings, offer us information useful in planning our schedules (weather, finance news, highlights in world politics etc.) and give us access to most of the knowledge to which the contemporary human race has ever encountered. But how can you expect it to achieve all this if your phone’s battery constantly lets you down?

Try our Pickle superhacks:

  1. If you can avoid it, don’t use your phone while charging - this greatly reduces battery life (most phones use Li-ion batteries which feature a limited charge cycle after which you’ll need to replace them completely).

  2. Cut out the ads - dish out those extra dollars for the premium version of your favourite content production apps and ditch the adds that drain your battery!

  3. Say goodbye to inactive apps - got a bunch of apps open at once, or heaps you don’t use? Close ‘em. Delete ‘em. It’s draining your battery!

  4. Nap time - switch to low power mode to give your phone a rest (Apple iOS: settings → battery → low power mode; Android: apps → settings → battery → power saving mode)

  5. Better still, install a battery-saving app! Check out this list of top picks for iOS and Android.

So. Now your battery’s in order…

2. Check out your company’s website… from your smartphone

Have you ever encountered just half a web page when searching for something on your smartphone's default browser? Can’t seem to find that menu button? Where on Earth is that scroll button again?

One word: mobile optimisation. To look good on both desktop and mobile, your website needs to be fully optimised. This means making sure that your graphic design, copy, and information architecture functions for mobile viewing, especially with the knowledge that in 2017, 63% of visits to US webpages were made on mobile phones (as opposed to desktop computers). Chat with your web developer about how to get the best out of your website as viewed on a mobile device.

Feeling inspired? How about we…

3. Take advantage of your favourite social media platforms

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp. It’s no secret at all that you can reach millions of new customers from the comfort of your very own… well, wherever you are with your smartphone. But how to do it?

  1. Install the apps - no, you’re no longer allowed to use the desktop versions on your smartphone. Get rid of them. Now! ...please?

  2. Download Canva, the world’s greatest on-the-go graphics creation tool - check out some great tutorials here. Canva lets you create beautiful-looking stills, banners and multi-format content you can use to grab the attention of followers, old and new.

  3. Invest in some awesome video content. Best thing? You can do a huge amount with - you guessed it - only your phone. Check out our hot tips here, or contact us for assistance.

Still need some inspiration for awe-inspiring, totally shareable content you can produce on-the-fly?

4. Brainstorm ‘quick win’ topics

There are some great web tools available these days, many of which can help you gather real-time information about the most shareable topics/content as told by millions of social media users, worldwide.

Buzzsumo is a great place to start. Need an idea for some quick win content? Don’t have a computer with you? Is your deadline… yesterday? Buzzsumo allows you to search and analyse the ways in which your favourite topics are represented in viral media headlines and various formats of digital content the world over. This means you can actively learn from examples of the most shareable stories on the planet using - yep - only your smartphone.

Smart? Yes indeed.