Effective Holiday Marketing: Top 5 Tips

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Hands up those of us who’ve been jolted awake, first thing, with [INSERT WORK THING HERE] at the forefront of your mind? Yawn.

Get meeting requests in the last two hours?

Anyone running on caffeine alone?

You’re not the only one.

If one thing’s for certain about this time of year, the work/life conundrum does anything but slow down as we near the pointy end of this latest 12-month block.

And if you’re anything like us, you’ll be sat there wondering what conditions like this might mean for your client base as well.

Well, the good news is that there are myriad ways you can make the holiday season a bunch less stressful for your customers.

The secret? Happy to share, of course. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Effective Holiday Marketing.

1. Keep it simple

No-one wants to be bombarded with anything this time of year, let alone any lengthy, bombastic, verbose marketing campaign. Keep it simple with content that’s short, sweet and to-the-point.

Go even further by opting for a format that offers you beautiful versatility and creativity, and all in the comfort and convenience of just a few seconds, if that’s what you after.

...Catching our drift? That’s right: video’s your go-to. Contact us to suss out your options for a gorgeously condensed clip that’ll respect your customers’ time and patience.

Why have it any other way?

2. Shift the focus to your clients

While physical Christmas cards may be on the way out (check out our wonderful suggested alternatives here), we’re still huge advocates for saying thank you to your customers.

The Christmas rush can all too often feel like a competition for retail attention, especially in the scramble for gifts. So why not put the focus back on those who drive your business and your broader passion for whatever it is that you do?

As much as we love this cheery time of year, don’t let your most sincere expressions get caught up in the co-curricular downpour that is December.

Our tip?

Say thanks, and say it early on.

3. Give gift suggestions

Okay. So if you’ve gotta do the Christmas thing, you’ve gotta do the Christmas thing. And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

Let’s face it: gifting is a little bit fun. And besides, most people are looking for a nice, convenient, appropriate gift (or seven) around this time of year. If you can add (meaningfully) to the options, your clients are going to thank you for it, and especially if they’re loyal customers (hint: they’ll be more likely to hit you up as opposed to another, less familiar company, brand or service).

You might consider offering a special service, limited edition merchandise, or maybe a once-off experience associated with the kind of product or service you produce. Whatever option you choose, it’s obviously a grand idea to…

4. Consider offering a deal… but not just any deal

It might not be your usual style (and that call is, of course, best made by you), but what about offering a nice little deal to your best and most-loved?

The key thing to realise here is that offering a deal doesn’t necessarily mean offering a discount. Nope: it doesn’t need to be an action that cheapens your product. Think of it as an opportunity for development that benefits not only your customers but your business as well.

Trying asking yourself this question: how can I create a deal that the market will feel is too good to pass up? It could mean adding in other services, products or offers to create a bundle, or perhaps partnering with another complimentary brand (hello, potential future collaborations!) to offer an enhanced, package-based experience of some sort.

Whatever your choice, try to make it as generous as you manage. Chances are there’ll be someone out there offering something better, so your best bet is knowing your audience well, and catering to their needs, interests and behaviours as best as you possibly can.

5. Tap into that sense of nostalgia and holiday spirit

Recognising that most of your clients will be feeling a little tired, stressed and stretched come December, why not produce a targeted campaign that soothes, warms and comforts?

Check out these beautiful examples:

Top 10 Heartwarming Christmas Commercials

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Top 7 Cute and Funny Christmas Commercials

What they show us is that the essence of effective holiday marketing is not to sell your products, but instead focus on selling your brand.

What emotional responses can you elicit from your clients by linking in with those beautiful, key themes of nostalgia, warmth, kindness, empathy, giving and the holiday spirit?

Not sure? Don’t worry. We can help you create something magical.