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We want something that’ll go viral.

How many times has this thought crossed your mind? How many times have you heard it out loud in the tea room, ‘round the photocopier, in a development meeting?

It’s no wonder: by 2019, it’s estimated that 80% of online content will be video marketing. Nailing your video content is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

These are our top 5 secrets of super effective video marketing. The best thing? These tips are so straightforward that you could be well on your way to great content before you’ve even left the office for the day.

Got your coffee? Let’s do it.

1. Authenticity and the CAP principle

In an age where 91% of consumers worldwide are likely to reward brands for their perceived authenticity, it becomes incredibly important to consider the ways in which your videos reflect - or perhaps don’t reflect - your brand, goals, purpose, and vision.

Take for example this video produced by the Australian Federal Department of Finance, designed with the aim of encouraging young people to join a specialised graduate program, The Game Changers. What are your first impressions? Apathy? Confusion? Maybe a bit of awkwardness? Does the acting promote or hinder your interest in the program?

Authenticity is a huge industry buzzword, but it’s for good reason: if marketing videos are to succeed, they need to be exactly that - authentic and genuine, both in strategy and execution. Considering CAP (the context, audience, and purpose of your video) will help you with this (PS: remember CAP. We’ll come back to it shortly).

2. Vary your video content

Yes, good videos are important. But what kind of videos are you going to produce?

There are a huge many ways that you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Here’s just a few of our top picks:

  • A company overview

  • Customer testimonials

  • Special announcements

  • Live streaming (e.g. facebook live)

  • Product demonstrations

  • An employee or visiting artist Q&A

Why not try these out and gauge what works best for your company and clients? Above all, remember that video is a tool for creating a message, rather than the message itself.

3. Make your video visible

SEO: search engine optimisation. Not sure what it is or how to achieve it, or maybe you’re in need of a brief refresher? Read on.

There are a bunch of easy-to-employ tactics you can use to make sure your videos are found more easily online:

  1. Host it on your own website (this increases traffic to your website which in turn means that your website will be higher on the list of search results when googled)

  2. Enable embedding (an option you can usually select when uploading your video to the website’s Content Management System (CMS) so that your video can be embedded and shared on other websites)

  3. Title and tag (consider the appropriate titles and tags for optimising the visibility of your videos - here’s a handy guide)

4. Choose a good tune

Sensory marketing. It’s a thing. When we know so much about how impactful, well-programmed music can boost sales, why aren’t we doing more to incorporate it?

YouTube houses a huge number of video examples overdubbed with different musical excerpts. See what you can find, and notice how each track changes the overarching look, feel and emotional impact of the visuals. Music makes a difference, right?

Right. And it’s well worth your investment. Feeling a little lost when it comes to knowing the ‘right’ kind of music for the CAP of your content? There are lots of great sync agencies that can help you find your (musical) unicorn.

Still not sure where to begin? Just ask us.

5. Make it memorable

Memorable content is impactful content. No backup stats needed.

Ask yourself: what is it about your video that will stick in the mind of your client? Is it the visuals? Is it the music? Is it the take-home message? Perhaps it’s the sense of humour.

Whatever it is, give it some thought. And don’t be afraid to have some fun: incorporating something memorable doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, strategy or values.

It can simply mean thinking outside of the box.