What’s a corporate video marketing strategy?

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Think about your life as a web user.

We Pickle People are pretty willing to bet that a majority of the content you’ll attribute to the quality of your experience to is video-based. The data would back that up too:

  • As we’ve already shared with you, it’s estimated that this year 80% of online content will be video

  • Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by up to 80%, and

  • Popping video in an email has been shown to increase click-throughs by somewhere between 200-300%

If we accept this as individuals, why wouldn’t we accept and make use of this knowledge from a corporate perspective as well?

To make the most of any situation, you need a strategy. And in a digital world that’s dominated by video as the medium of choice, a well-planned, well-executed corporate video marketing strategy will help you do exactly that, and more.

“But wait!” we hear you wail (don’t worry… we’ve been there too). “Our clients don’t care about images of any kind and we’re doing pretty okay without a focus on video.”

We understand. We’ve worked with a huge variety of businesses, many of which have shared with us something similar. Consider this, though: the moving image is everything when it comes to prospecting clients.

The bottom line does something like this: If you’re not making use of video, and if you’re doing okay without it, just think of what your company could be if you embraced this incredibly powerful medium and used it to its full capacity.

Okay. You kinda got me. So, what is a corporate video marketing strategy?

Glad you asked!

A corporate video marketing strategy (CVMS) is an agreed plan of action specially designed to promote a business or sell a product or service using video as the medium.

If you want to reach a broader client base and increase your brand visibility and awareness at the same time, then a CVMS is most definitely for you.

But what about if you’ve already got a corporate marketing strategy in place?

All good: you can simply add in video as a subset. Whatever your personal and/or business’ level of experience with the medium, know this: all you’re doing in agreeing to develop a CVMS is saying yes to investing in an agreed approach to the use of a medium guaranteed to grow engagement with your brand.

Can’t be that bad, can it?

Nope. It sounds great. How do I start?

If at mere mention of the word “strategy” you spiral directly into the panic zone, you wouldn’t be alone.

Gahhhh. “Strategy” sounds major. How long is that going to take?

How will I ever get this past my superiors?

What’s the point? Won’t this be just another strategy that I pour time, effort and resources into and then it never sees the light of day?

Sound familiar?

Well, you heard it hear first, and direct from the experts too: a CVMS needn’t be complex, wordy, or difficult to decode. It simply needs to be well-planned.

Think of a CVMS as a set of agreed guidelines. A system of working that offers support to you and your employees’ making decisions about how and what to produce in terms of video content. The strategies that we produce are custom fit, beautiful, simple cohesive frameworks within which you can relax and be at peace knowing that regardless of your level of experience with video as a medium that you’re making decisions in the best interest of your business.

Have you ever arrived at a new job, working with new people and programs, then been handed an employee handbook or set of policies and procedures and thought phew… this helps a little…?

That’s what a strategy is all about: the provision of guidance in uncertain circumstances (like when you’re encountering video for the first time).

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Chat with us - just say the word and we’ll take it from there (we have heaps of experience creating corporate content plans and can guide you through the entire process)

  2. Together we’ll:

    • Work to identify your current and prospective clients’ needs and how we can lock into and support these using video marketing

    • Develop a process for you so that your strategy is workable, sustainable and easily carried out in day-to-day business by you and your employees

    • Identify the most suitable and workable types of video or animation for your business

    • Plan awesome content

    • Execute the strategy by making great content together

Yeah, but is it expensive?


Why? Because we pride ourselves on working with you and your budget to customise a strategy development plan with a totally workable scope.

Put simply, you only need to spend what you’re willing to invest.

All you have to do is let us know you’re interested, and we’ll take it from there.