Picking The Right Video Company? It’s Not Just About Pressing Buttons

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What makes a great team?

It’s likely that at some stage, we’ve all asked ourselves some version of this question.

And rightly so! Carly Sime for Forbes recently reminded us of the five key team dynamics that Google has found sets the teams that thrive aside from those who don’t:

  • Psychological safety (feelings of security and trust within a team)

  • Dependability (the team’s ability to rely on one another)

  • Structure and clarity (in terms of roles, responsibilities and goals)

  • Meaning of work (tasks of personal importance and significance)

  • Impact of work (a genuine belief in the value of the work)

They’re great qualities, aren’t they? 

And we don’t know about you, but when we read over them, let them sink in, and really settle in to consider what a team with all five might look and feel like, there’s a real sense of ease that washes over us. Why? Because a great team is a great thing to be a part of, right? It’s enlightening. Satisfying. Energising, even. 

On this, a friend of Pickle recently asked us another great question:

What’s the Pickle Pictures difference when it comes to working on set?

For us, it stems from the fact that our clients are the direct beneficiaries of just how wonderful our team is. The power of being in the presence of a crew who is handpicked for their outstanding experience, skills in animation and video content creation, temperament, care and professionalism is something that - in our opinion - is too often underestimated.

So… what should you be looking for in a content creation crew? 

Here’s our two cents. 

1. Experience

Could you tell me some more about your experience creating this kind of content?

When’s the last time you asked this question of your contractors or freelance content creation crew? 

We’re not suggesting you start drilling potential partners in a way that undermines their reputation and skills, but if you need to make short, sharp decisions on the tools a team may possess to take hold of, and help craft, your vision, it may be a conversation you’d like to have in the future.

At Pickle, our founder - Michael De Robbio - has over 15 years’ experience in the video industry creating content, strategy, animation and internal communications tools for some of Australia’s top corporate and large scale entities including:

  • Motorola

  • Sustainability Victoria

  • Mercer

  • Pitcher Partners

  • The University of Melbourne

  • A diverse range of law firms and community service operations 

You can find out more about who we’ve worked with here.

We’re also incredibly particular about the kinds of people we employ to work alongside Mike on the nitty gritty of producing your content. We hand pick the very best of industry professionals - camera operators, editors, you name it - and only those who hold dear our high standards and clear vision for your content and experience on set. 

While experience and skill are central to ensuring you get the right outcome for your vision, strategy and content goals, it’s not all about button pressing. 

As lovers of buttons and with access to the very best of HD gear, even we’ll admit that, and that’s saying something!

2. Personability and warmth

“The race to own customer experience is on,” Shep Hyken for Forbes argued late last year. And not only that, but some may even go so far as to claim that “customer experience is the new brand”.

But as many of us will recognise, there’s a difference between businesses that seem to force onto clients their extraneous and awkward-seeming striving for good customer service and businesses to whom, well, it seems to come more naturally.

Hiring a crew? Researching your options? Ever had that feeling of ‘...I just don’t know if the fit is going to be right with these guys’ after your first chat, email or text?

Us too, as consumers in other areas of our lives. Take notice of that feeling!

Aside from experience and reputation, personability and warmth in a camera crew is one of the most important ways you can ensure satisfaction with your content-related outcomes. 

The first reason is that you’ll have a good time throughout the entire process. From our first coffee or phone call to the delivery of your finished product, your interactions with Pickle will be a total joy. We guarantee it. At Pickle, the people doing the work are selected for their patience, skill, emotional intelligence, and love of working in a tight-knit team.

You should expect calm confidence, good vibes, and an approach that makes you feel heard and at ease, nothing less!

Speaking of which....

3. Empathy on set

In her musings for Forbes early this year, Carly Simes again reminds us of the following:

A lot of us think we’re listening when we’re really not. We’re either listening to talk - waiting for the person speaking to finish so we can say what we want to - or not fully engaged with what someone is saying. 

Active listening asks you to concentrate when team members are talking, try to understand what they’re saying and then respond in a way that shows that you have heard them. Feeling heard is extremely powerful and teams that feel heard by one another are far more likely to feel safe enough to engage.

To us, this understanding translates directly to how we want our clients to feel on set.

If you’re talking to camera (like in this video we made for KordaMentha), you want to feel comfy, right? 

Of course you do.

So how is your camera crew going to facilitate and allow for your ultimate comfort while doing so, not only for your benefit and the benefit of your team, but so your video is relaxed, authentic and engaging to boot?

If you choose to partner with us, you can be certain of the following. We will :

  • Be kind and easy to work with

  • Listen actively to your wants, needs, vision, and ideas, whether this be in advance of the shoot, or on set, on the day

  • Work with you and your team in a calm, friendly and relaxed manner

  • Have empathy for your hesitations and concerns about being on camera/on set, and will help you manage these concerns accordingly

  • Help you feel relaxed and happy about discussing your strategic vision for content, and your vision will be actively incorporated into our approach to bringing your content to life

We have a bunch of resources and support materials to help you, too!

Ever tried, or feel like trying, the following wonders of the (filming) world?

  • An autocue

  • A script

  • An approach to filming that allows you to record in multiple takes (this makes memorising scripts so much easier!)

Whatever you need to feel prepared and comfortable, we guarantee we can help.

It’s the mark of a great team, after all.