Video: Your Secret Weapon for Workplace Morale

business video meeting

Not so long ago, Loverboy’s Working for the Weekend was still ranked #100 on VH1′s 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s.

[Okay. So we’ve never started a blog quite like that, have we?].

Although it’s a nice bit of trivia, as David Sturt and Todd Nordstorm for Forbes suggest, it may also reveal something far less trivial about our workplaces: that employees are still dying to get away from the workplace.

Sometimes, work is seen as a lowly necessity.

In his book, Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, Leigh Branham let us know that 89% of company bosses believe employees quit because they’re in search of a higher wage. In fact, the statistic actually sits at around 12%.

The real reason? Workplace dissatisfaction. Ambivalence Or, as we’d rather call it, a lack of engagement.

How, then, to turn this around?

While most businesses are quick to acknowledge how video, animation and other digital content can do wonders in terms of promotion, marketing, developing a sense of authenticity and contributing to SEO, many fail to leverage the power of video to revolutionise workplace culture.

Here are our top 3 ways to use video as your secret weapon for workplace morale. Expect improved productivity, communication, collaboration and more!

1. Video for onboarding comms

If there’s one place you can really set the scene for new employees, it’s your onboarding comms.

Aside from their initial interviews, onboarding comms are often the first opportunity new employees get to really ‘sit with’ the interests, needs and values of your organisation. The power of information like vision, aims, mission statement, workplace culture, support and training services and wellbeing initiatives cannot be underestimated, and the role this plays in helping your staff feel safe, secure and invested is huge.

Check out SnapComms’ latest list of onboarding tips for new hires. In short, they include:

  1. Bringing the company to life

  2. Establish the source of truth

  3. Speak the way staff want to listen

  4. Build internal brand

  5. Encourage contributions

All key methods of encouraging staff engagement, and all key strengths of video as a medium.

Plus, video allows you to fit all of this extremely important, gold-standard content into a 3-4min offering. Not bad, hey. And imagine what that will say about the ways in which you really value employees’ time?

Time to stop playing safe, and start playing effective, we say.

2. Video for training resources


Have you ever heard someone express a little exasperation at the fact they’ve got professional development on today/this week/this month?

The problem’s not likely the knowledge. No way; employees are there because there’s at least some element of their wanting to be, right?.

More likely, the problem to do with your employees’ ambivalence when it comes to training is It’s probably how the knowledge is shared.

When video can do amazing things like make new knowledge universally available (and for free), provide anytime, anywhere training for front-line staff, offer video-enabled coaching services, and capture and distribute meeting information, notes and actions in a mere few seconds (thus respecting your employees’ time), what hasn’t every organisation introduced video content into its suite of training programs?

Some may say it’s the cost. For others, perhaps it’s a fear of the unknown. The fact is that today, video content is more useful and affordable than ever.

Contact us today to learn what options you have for upping your training game, or check out our recent offerings when it comes to the training videos of your dreams. All you need is the will! We take it from there.

3. Video for internal communications

Okay, so if you haven’t yet got the message, let us shout it to you loud and clear: we’re pretty damn big on respecting employees’ time!

In fact, according to Forbes, taking steps to show (not tell) your employees that you respect their time is one of the most effective ways to boost staff morale at any company.

Stuck for ideas? Video is an efficient, affordable and super engaging substitute for:

A lengthy email → Try a video update instead

An offer of congratulations to your staff → Try a video message of thanks

A big meeting on the cards but many of your staff work offsite → Record and distribute it, quicksmart!

Updating staff post-Board Meeting → Try a video summary by your Managing Director, distributed digitally to staff

Organisational change → summarise it using a motion graphic video!

The bottom line?

Video is personal. It encourages your staff to connect.

Do you really have any reason not to look into it? We hope not.

Talk to us today about incorporating video into your content strategy and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.