Make your mark with a perfectly crafted web video

The web is the new home for video. And it doesn’t look likely that this will change in the coming years.

Not only do audiences prefer to watch video over reading text, they’re more likely to engage with your brand and take action. If done well, a web video can entertain, educate, create awareness and make you memorable in the eyes of customers.

Making your audience applaud (even if you can’t see them)

With so much marketing content out there, your video needs to be crafted in a way to make the biggest impact. Pickle Pictures has over 10 years’ experience and we understand exactly how online video works – the best lengths, types and style that will catch your audience’s attention and help build your brand.

And the beauty of a well-made web video is that it can live in a number of places at once. Pickle Pictures are experts at videos for business' websites, internal platforms and social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A flexible, hands-on approach to your web video

From initial concept through to launch, we’ll we work closely to ensure your company's message and brand are conveyed exactly how you want it. There are no nasty surprises, only great videos that pack a punch.

Some examples of web videos Pickle Pictures have produced over the years:

·      Website Introductions & Tutorials

·      Online Commercials

·      Special Product Releases & Promotional Offers

·      Company News & Management Interviews

·      Training & Demonstration Videos

·      Customers Testimonials & Stories

As web video continues to dominate online communication, the team at Pickle Pictures can help bring your brand to life.

Melbourne-based and have a web video in the pipeline? Let’s chat!