Video for Government

Searching for a best-fit content production partner that understands your need for making content accessible to a wide range of audiences? That can communicate messaging simply and effectively with a community-informed mindset? That’s us, and we can’t wait to partner with you.

Great content, delightfully efficient.

With over two decades’ content marketing experience and a passion for diversity, efficiency and all things process-related, we have the foundational skills and know-how to help you serve the needs of your stakeholders with great-looking, hard-working video and animated content. Get more for your allocated budget with Pickle’s built-in content strategy giving you content with longevity, perfectly matched to the needs and interests of your constituents.

We understand what you need.

Got a video to make and distribute across multiple platforms? Ready to launch new policy, services, facilities or community initiatives? Looking to engage a wide range of community members of diverse backgrounds and interests? With a huge range of 2D and 3D animation, subtitling and language options available, our specialist, in-house team has everything you need to make an authentic and memorable impact.

Partners first, producers second.

Like you, we know that anyone can press camera buttons and charge you a fee. It takes authentic partnership, passion and a sensitivity to dynamic, reactive working conditions to really drive success in content creation for government entities. Operating nationally with our award-winning team, no deadline is too quick or task too small. When you need it to count, we make content that works hard for your cause.

Here’s why we deliver:

Many options, one roof

We make incredible content that melds seamlessly with your platforms of choice. We can help you navigate the treacherous landscape of multiplatform rollout including all the necessary resolutions, approaches and 2D/3D animation options. It’s all easy done at Pickle!

Diversity and humanity at our core

In today’s saturated content production market, nearly anyone can press buttons and send you an invoice. But just like you, we care about the human stories behind the work that we do, and we know the value they add to communications. At Pickle, we’re natural, effortless ‘people people’.

Reactive, reliable

Come policy and legislation change or a need to respond in a timely manner to an issue of priority, our team is ready and waiting to help you communicate to-brief and according to policy. Operating nationwide means we are flexible, adaptable and can travel at short notice to make sure you get the digital content you need, to deadline.

What we can do for you:

  • Campaign videos
  • Educational and community services videos
  • Videos for internal communications
  • Explainer videos and animations to demystify government processes and policy
  • And more

Who we’ve worked with:

  • Local government
  • Advisory commissions
  • Community services and initiatives
  • Universities
  • And more