Video for the Legal Sector

Searching for a great-fit content production partner that understands your specific needs and challenges, and those of your clients? That softens and humanises your firm and brings humanity to the forefront of your communications? That’s Pickle.

First-rate video and animated content

With over two decades’ content marketing experience and the wealth of know-how that comes from a rich history facilitating client engagement in the legal services industry, we understand what you need. At Pickle, exemplary video and animated content is a given. It’s our value-added insight and strategy that sets us apart. We know you’ll love working with us.

We understand.

Got a brand to soften? Empathy to establish? Need to bring humanity to the forefront of communications that are accessible, authentic, personal and fun? We’re experts in helping firms like you align with your clients’ intricate beliefs and experiences, creating video and animated content that shifts perspective and highlights the all-important human element in your brand.

Partners first, producers second.

Like you, we know that anyone can press buttons and charge you a fee. It takes real partnership, warmth and a passion for your tailored success to craft video, animated content and digital content strategy with impact, longevity and proven potential for meaningful emotional engagement. We work hard in your corner, dedicated to increasing emotional appeal, boosting your engagement and softening your messaging.

Here’s why we deliver:

Agile and efficient

Working in partnership with you means that our team of content marketing professionals can quickly respond to big news stories, changes in legislation, and more, helping you manage the impact of these changes on your methods of stakeholder management.

Nationwide operation

We’re experts at connecting your multiple offices in a super-neat, efficient and well-rounded communications plan that threads Pickle’s honed, value-added corporate content strategy with the specific needs and interests of your firm as an entity.

Great people

It’s our people that makes Pickle the best choice in content production teams. Intelligent, hassle-free and experts in our craft of video and animated content production, we’re here to help make your corporate life easier and more enjoyable. That’s the true, authentic Pickle value-add.

  • Working in partnership with you means you have a quick-footed, reactive team that knows how to response to messaging changes in law, big news stories, getting breaking news across
  • We work across multiple offices, and we’re nationwide - we can connect your offices, shoot everywhere, travel as needed

What we can do for you:

  • Legal process explainer videos
  • Introductory videos connecting clients with your staff
  • Emotionally engaging, humanising branded content
  • Training videos for law colleges
  • Feature content aligned with specific days of legal significance (e.g. International Women’s Day)
  • And more

Who we’ve worked with:

  • Law firms (all fields)
  • Law colleges
  • Local/national/multinational operations
  • And more