Video for the Health and Wellbeing Industries

Searching for a skilled, efficient and sensitive content production partner? A first-rate team that can simplify complex messaging while highlighting the depth and humanity in your work? That’s us, and we can’t wait to partner with you.

Authentic video and animated content.

With over two decades’ experience and the deeply developed know-how that comes from supporting a range of health and wellbeing industry partners to produce video and animated content, top quality is a given. With Pickle, your value-add is our personability, warmth and extraordinary efficiency; a partnership that comes at no extra charge.

We understand you.

We know how costly it can be to employ an in-house, end-to-end content production team in your business. That’s why we’re proud to offer you real partnership, working quickly and reactively to suit the fast-paced, dynamic nature of work of the health professionals in your field. Respectful, sensitive and patient, we pride ourselves on reliability.

Partners first, content-producers second.

In today’s saturated content production market, nearly anyone can press camera buttons and charge you a fee. But just like your business, your stakeholders and the humans you work with, its authenticity and passion for the nuanced needs of your industry that really drives results. Feel confidence placing your trust in the hands of a caring team of our content production specialists.

Here’s why we deliver:

Simplified complexity

Got a new health product to launch, condition to raise awareness for, or special initiative to celebrate? Our proven, honed process for cutting to the core of client needs is what we’re all about. With a catalogue of 2D and 3D animation options, we can simplify complex medical information, humanise and soften health and wellbeing products, and help you produce well-developed video and animated content strategy that mirrors the dynamic nature of the health industry.

Agile, calm, efficient

We know you need to work quickly. Sensitive, grounded and with a calm sense of urgency you’ll love, our team has years of experience supporting clients just like you. We offer you top-quality content developed efficiently, strategically and to-brief with a quick turnaround to boot.

Humanity and personability

We love human stories, and we’re incredibly skilled at integrating them at the core of beautifully developed video and animated content for you and your customers to enjoy. Our approach of empathy, tact and a sense of deep respect for every subject we with which we work is what our health and wellbeing industry clients love the most. You’ll love our script-writing capabilities, autocue options and more which help you and your people feel comfortable on-set, no matter what the shot.

What we can do for you:

  • Medical product videos
  • Updates on health news and change to regulations
  • Conference introduction videos
  • Beautiful videos to show off new facilities
  • Health awareness campaigns
  • And more

Who we’ve worked with:

  • Bupa
  • Heart Foundation
  • Abbott
  • Hillrom
  • Red Nose
  • Heritage Care
  • And more