3 Ways To Boost Your Brand Engagement Using Animation

3 Ways To Boost Your Brand Engagement Using Animation
Animation: your new secret weapon when it comes to marketing and brand engagement!

Back in 2018, the global market for animation was worth a whopping 259 billion US dollars. That number is expected to grow to well over 270 billion by 2022 (Navarra 2021).

As one of the world’s most consumable digital content formats, animation is big business. As demand swells, consumers of digital media are demonstrating demand for increasingly higher-quality graphics. That’s in video, animation, marketing collateral, social media, and more.

Let’s get straight to the point. Why is great-quality animation worth your time?

If you’re looking for content that:

  • Looks great
  • Condenses complex information into an easy-to-digest format
  • Can tell a great story effectively
  • Communicates emotions and ideas in a unique way
  • Can be understood by audiences of all ages

…then you’ve found it. And in this day and age, animation is also more affordable and practical than ever before.

In 2022, deciding to incorporate animation into your content strategy is one of the best marketing decisions you can make. Let’s look at 3 great ways to boost your brand engagement using animation. Let’s get you the quickest and easiest content wins of them all!

1. Launch animated training videos

Did you know that employees are 75% more likely to watch video than read text (Smarp 2021)? It pays to sub in animation for all that text you’ve been hoarding!

The detail in animation is limited only by your imagination. That is, it doesn’t rely on human talent any ‘real life’ interruptions. Therefore, animated videos have huge potential for engaging employees in effective learning, onboarding and much more.

Using video for onboarding is particularly effective because, according to Marlin (2021), it allows you to completely personalise the information presented. By shaping communications to your brand, you can incorporate your logo, colour palette, tone of voice and more. This trims your training content into a nice, neat training suite, helping to induct staff into your company’s way of being from the beginning.

2. Get into 3D animation

If you’re looking to condense complex information into a single, easily digestible format, animation should be your new go-to- content format.

Animated videos are particularly useful when it comes to product demonstrations, technical modelling, and design showcases. In particular, 3D animation has an amazing ability to portray movement and detail. High in visual appeal, it’s bold, present and incredibly realistic – just like the one below!

A sample 3D animation completed by our 100% in-house specialist 3D animators!

3. Make an informative animated video

Because they’re so visually appealing, animations are also perfect for engaging a broad range of audiences. This includes people of all different ages, needs and backgrounds.

This makes animated videos perfect for use in the community, government and health/wellbeing sectors, plus any industry that relies upon strong relationships between people.

What’s more, you can easily add text and closed captions to an animated video. This helps to engage culturally and linguistically (CALD) diverse audiences in the content you’re producing.

In fact, a recent survey of American consumers of digital content found that over 90% of people preferred with view animated content with the sound off (Verizon Media 2021). There you have it: specially designed animation is likely to boost your engagement in the most cost-effective, net-zero methods possible.

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