How to Create Great Recruitment Videos

With a new era in public health has arrived a brand new phenomenon.

That’s right: a shortage of healthcare workers. But not just any shortage. A critical one at that.

In fact, Health Workforce Australia suggests that by 2025, Australia will experience a critical shortage of over 100,000 nurses. That’s in addition to shortages across a number of of the major Australian industries, and beyond.

So. What role can recruitment video and animation play in helping mitigate this issue?

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Here’s our top three tips on creating the best recruitment videos – for any industry!

1. Use our checklist to carefully script your recruitment video

Creating a great recruitment video depends on a number of factors, but perhaps none more so than what information you actually include in the video.

Considering key information about the role that’s available, company culture, and other bits and pieces might seem obvious, but it’s incredible just how often the basic necessities are missed.

Here’s a list of things you can consider before you sit down to script. We’ve split them into functional requirements (factual information) and branding requirements (conceptual information and styling):

Functional requirements

  • What roles/categories of role are available?
  • What is the role outline?
  • When does the role begin?
  • What are the main activities/tasks involved in the role?
  • What is the recruitment process
  • What do prospective candidates need to do if they want to apply?

Branding requirements

  • What elements of company culture (branding, tone of voice, ethical approaches etc.) can be highlighted in the video, and how?
  • What language approach speaks specifically to the candidates you’re seeking?
  • How can we introduce the role in way that’s exciting and appealing to particular candidates?
  • Where does the video need to be published/shared in order to attract the right candidates

Seeking out a video production and animation company in Melbourne and beyond who can help you with scripting is easier than you think – drop us a line!

2. Choose wisely the format of your recruitment video

Great recruitment videos are only made greater by the way they take into account the audience, context and purpose of their messaging.

This is why it’s so important to decide on your content format. What’s it going to be? Video or animation?

To suss out more about the differences between video and animation you can check out our most popular bog – but in the meantime, we’ve summarised things for you below.

Why choose an animation company in Melbourne for your next recruitment video?

  • Animation packs a lot of information into a piece of short-form content
  • No need to rely on human talent
  • Can make very complex information simple and engaging
  • Not limited by real-life resources (e.g. particular people, places and things) – with animation, we can create anything and anyone!

Why choose a video company in Melbourne for your next recruitment video?

  • Human talent can be used to humanise and warm the branding
  • Showcase key people within your organisation
  • Include to-camera pieces which help prospective clients feel aligned with company culture and branding

Which is best for you? If you’re unsure, you might love knowing this: Pickle Pictures is one of Australia’s only video production partners offering both video and animation under a single roof.

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3. Keep your recruitment video short, sharp and simple

The ideal length of content varies depending on platform and format. While you can check out a more detailed version of ideal durations for different platforms here, here’s what we suggest in terms of the ideal length of recruitment videos:

  • Keep them short – 2 to 5 mins maximum
  • Every great recruitment video contains a strong narrative arc – begin with hook, pop the main info in the middle, and end with a tantalising CTA
  • Don’t include extraneous information – spend time scripting your video and make sure you repeat only key information

And above all else?

Don’t forget to engage the services of a champion video production and animation company Melbourne businesses have trusted for decades. 

Are you ready? We’re here to help.

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