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4 Reasons Why Social Media Animation Videos Are Effective

Let’s be frank: what strategies do you have for increasing following, engagement and brand recall on your social media channels?

Can you articulate them? Are you confident in them? Or, are you just out there, posting blindly?

Whatever your answer, it’s okay: the most simple step forward – no matter where you’re at with strategy – is to focus on revamping the way you present content. The most important first step? Look at your videos.

When 85% of social media users argue they want to see more videos from brands (Sprout Social 2021), how will you use 2022’s most important content format to your advantage?

At Pickle Pictures, we’re proud to be a video production company that specialises in the creation of social media animation videos. With over 20+ years of experience in field and backed by our 100% in-house team, we’re ready to add zest, fire and verve to your social media content!

Let’s look at 4 of the main reasons why engaging social media animation videos is one of the most effective social media strategies you can choose.

1. Social media animation videos are affordable

In 2022, video production companies are making animated videos more affordable than ever before.

Why? Well, for starters, it’s a simple issue of supply and demand. While animation used to sit firmly in the realm of children’s productions and longer-form animated and ‘clay-mated’ film (think Harvey Krumpet), it’s now emerged as a vastly preferred content format for most marketing teams, not least because animation is flexible, brand-able, and doesn’t rely on the presence of human talent.

All of these factors have contributed to making animation the most in-demand content format of 2022. And when there’s demand, there’s a need for skill: so it is that for the first time in history, more people are graduating with animation and fine arts degrees than ever before.

Put simply, no longer are social media animation videos reserved only for the most technically skilled and experienced of marketing teams. With Pickle’s best-in-breed animation teams situated all over Australia and into he APAC region, it’s never been a more affordable option to outsource your content production. We can help you build. your team by engaging a seriously impressive animation company Melbourne businesses have loved for decades.

2. Animation is engaging

Put simply, people love video content. When created by professionals – video and animation companies – it has the potential to boost ROI, increase your leads ands and nail your conversion KPIs. Yes – it’s not too good to be true!

In fact, research by Neil Patel in 2017 found that including a product video alongside its advertisement can increase purchases and click-throughs by up to 144%. Just imagine how quickly a professionally produced video could pay for itself!

Why is this, however? Well, aside from having the potential to be colourful, well-branded and as farfetched – conceptually – as you like, animated social media videos are often proven effective in most niches because it does the same thing (but is much cheaper) that traditional advertising. Most notably, because it is – simply – just really fun to watch!

3. Social media animation videos are the perfect COVID-era content

How many cancelled shoots have you had to endure over the last two years? 10? 100? It’s anyone’s guess.

The great thing about video production companies that produce animations is that they offer you the ability to produce great content without having to navigate human flaws/error.

Sick colleagues? Get well soon, but no need to worry. Someone unable to make it to the shoot because of a border closure? No problems at all.

Animation allows you to bring to life any concept, idea or vision without a need to script, cast and manage talent on the day. It is, therefore, a perfect option for:

  • Online businesses
  • Businesses operating in multiple locations
  • Organisations that need to depict diversity and community spirit in their content

…and much, much more.

4. Animation is practical

In this day and age, the one factor that you should be considering above all else is the practicality of the content your produce.

Why? Because the more practical, the less resource-intensive. The less resource-intensive, the greater your ROI. Put simply, animated social media videos involve a content format that works really, really hard for you (all without lifting a finger).

Are you ready to create your very own?

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