4 Ways to Use Animated Videos for Social Media

We get it – you need to build your followers and boost your ROI, fast!

Running some of the most experienced video production and animation studios Melbourne has to offer, don’t worry: we’ve got the answer. In 2022, there’s nothing better than combining the power of social media with the year’s most-loved content format: animation.

But why is animated video production so popular amongst business owners, marketing professional, and those looking to exponentially grow their business? It’s for good reason. Did you know that animation:

  • Doesn’t rely on human talent (great for COVID-era uncertainty)
  • Can condense complex information into an easily digestible content piece, and
  • Is more affordable and cost-effective than ever before?

Catapult these incredible benefits into the realm of social media and you’re ready to enjoy a world of business growth benefits.

Are you ready? So are we! Here’s 4 ways that you can use animation to supercharge your social media strategy. 

1. Use animation to introduce your brand

Animation is a seriously flexible format. Because its narrative is created and scripted by animators (at Pickle, our animators are 100% in-house), the sky’s the limit when it comes to the elements you include, and how.

That way, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your business does – animation is a format that can be shaped to your unique needs and interests.

And the best thing? Because it has the potential to be such a colourful and engaging medium with use of interesting characters, textures and music, you can create a narrative around your brand values, too!

2. Use animation to educate

Because animation can appeal to such a broad variety of audiences, it makes the format a perfect addition to the social media arsenal of any organisation.

In 2022, when there’s a clear, universal need for health information to be clearly available and accessible, animation can effectively combine colour, diverse characters, text on screen, and more to help achieve exactly that. 

In 2022, social media has to achieve a huge variety of different aims including:

  • Boost brand engagement and following
  • Create more leads
  • Achieve growth in sales
  • Facilitate increased brand recall and recognition
  • Broaden the appeal of the brand to growth markets

…and much, much more including – perhaps most importantly – facilitating the education of your intended audience. And education isn’t just for teachers and students – an effective animation will help inform, excite and initiative audiences into a certain realm of knowledge – like healthcare!

In fact, animation studios in Sydney, Melbourne, nationwide and beyond have been pumping out a record number of animations for most of the pandemic! And they’ve been super-effective in their messaging, too.

…just like this one of ours:

With the production of animated content for social media, you can also:

3. Launch a new product, service or initiative

Another great feature of animations are that they can condense complex information into a single, digestible piece of content. 

This means that animation is perfect for introducing a new initiative, product or service, complete with an overarching flavour of community-mindedness. One of the wonderful things about animation is that it allows you to integrate text and captions in a way that’s meaningful for the audience. 

What’s more, using animated videos as your content format of choice is particularly appealing to families. So, if you’re a council, family-focused business, or a brand operating in the education sector, animation might just be for you!

In what area of your organisation could animation help you?

4. Animated video production and helping people

Community engagement is a huge area of growth for animated video content, as a format. 

Why? Because animation – with its ability to be adapted to include characters, ideas and perspectives from a range of cultures – is one of the most inclusive video formats available to marketers today. 

At Pickle Pictures, our experienced animators are well-versed in the art of character creation, working from a perspective of diversity and inclusion to ensure all your bases are covered.

After all – representation is incredibly important. We know that – like content creators all over the world – we hold a powerful position in terms of helping brands achieve the growth they seek through content that engages everyone – no matter what they’re background.

So – what better way to get your social media strategy humming that including a little more animation in your strategy?

If you need help to do this, of course, you know where to find us.