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Different Types of Animation: A Guide

Engaging, cost-effective and easily branded.

You got it: Animation is one of the most exciting content formats getting about the marketing landscape in 2022!

But did you know there’s different types? From 2D to 3D to animated explainer videos and beyond, we pride ourselves on being a video production company that can do it all. Our 100% in-house animation team is ready to bring your concept to life.

Which of these different types of animation is going to work best for you?

1. 2D Animation

2D animation is a style of animation that is most commonly used for marketing videos. If you’ve seen animated videos on social media channels, chances are it’s 2D.

Put simply, 2D animation is the art form of eliciting the movements of objects within a two-dimensional space. Objects could be classified as characters, text, other visual elements, or even backgrounds. Like all good animated videos, the illusion of movement occurs when individual objects or drawings are sequenced together within a particular period of time. Unlike its 3D cousin (more on this later), 2D animation is a little more commonplace, a little more affordable and a little more widely used and consumed making it the perfect choice for your everyday animation needs.  Video production companies in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond have been inundated with requests for 2D animation commissions in the last two years. Why? Because 2D animation is one of the most COVID-resilient, flexible and engaging types of video for social media available. 2D animation is fantastic for:

  • Animated explainer videos
  • Community videos – there’s no limit to the diversity of characters you can create!
  • Onboarding content – simple, effective and engaging
  • Simplifying a complex process or product into a single piece of content
  • Videos that include text on screen
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Giving instructions on how to set up or complete a process

…and much, much more.

Just like this one!

But what about the 3D version?

2. 3D Animation

3D animation, on the other hand, is a different type of animation that is particularly useful for demonstrating new products or design: anything that involves a good, detailed look at structured, shape, form and more.

At its core, 3D animation is a product of the process involving the animation of three-dimensional images within a digital envrionment.

Just like today’s 2D animation, 3D animation is made using computer software and CGI or computer-generated imagery. This allows animation companies in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond to create digital objects that look 3D even though their animated on a 2D surface.

With 3D animation, your animated videos can achieve close to anything – from the iteration of new product designs, to 3D architectural models, and more. Because of its ability to showcase incredible levels detail, 3D animation has a huge range of applications – particularly in the design space.

3D animation is fantastic for:

  • Showcasing new product designs
  • Architectural planning
  • Launching a new model of product
  • Complimentary medium to technical drawing
  • Animated videos in the science, technology and/or design space

…and much more.

Just like this one:

Which brings us to a more general type of animation – one that everyone can make use of in their streamlined digital content strategy!

3. Animated explainer and training videos

COVID woes? No worries.

One of the greatest things about animation is it doesn’t rely on human talent. Yes, you might be going through a COVID-related staffing crisis but while you and your co-workers manage it, at least your content can keep rolling out!

Video production companies in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are also increasingly turning to animation as a great method of helping clients simplify complex information into shorter, snappier content blocks.

Why? Because in COVID-era content landscape, the simpler and more effective the content, the better. And animated training and explainer videos are a great method of doing just that!

With corporate animation and explainer videos, you can create incredible:

  • Onboarding content
  • Training modules
  • Health and Safety information
  • Induction training modules
  • Community-minded content
  • Showcase videos

…and much, much more.

We love creating animated explainer videos – just like the one below:

So – are you ready to commission your very own animated content for social media, and beyond? Talk to the video production company that cares about your lead-generation as well you content output!

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