How to Use Video for Better Remote Teaching and Learning


Time to upskill in using Video for Education? We’ve got your back!

How to Use Video for Better Remote Teaching and Learning.

In this day and age, video is everything. 

In fact, it’s now clear that 1 in 2 Australians access the internet weekly from more than 5 separate devices, just to use video (ACMA 2021). Yes, that’s 5+ devices per person that are used to watch and engage with video alone!

Education has also seen a sharp rise in the use of Video for Teaching and Video for Learning. And when Video Production is now so central to the way that both students and teachers experience their lives online, we’ve thought long and hard about how we can help.

Looking to up-skill in your use of Video for Education? Here’s our Top 5 Tips to help make teaching and learning online easier for our amazing education community. 

1. Video for Teaching? Use LOOM

Looking to make super-simple instructional Video Productions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond? LOOM is your new go-to.

If you haven’t already discovered LOOM, think easy-peasy screen-share/record technology that also records video/audio of your face and voice. Simply record your LOOM video then copy and paste the autogenerated link for sending to your class.

LOOM is perfect for:

  • Task explanations
  • Asynchronous learning (pre-recorded lessons) when life at home is taking your mind off the job!
  • Offering verbal feedback to students
  • Connecting with students 

…and much more.

2. Video for Teaching? Check out Clickview

Specialised Video Productions (like documentaries) have been used in education circles for decades. But what makes the dawn of the contemporary era so exciting regarding Video for Teaching and Video for Learning is the range of doco-based content that can now be found online.

Clickview is an online library of teaching and learning educational video resources that are auto-rated, often interactive (students have to answer clickable multiple-choice questions as they watch), and curriculum-linked. 

To use it, simply:

  • Check your school has a membership
  • Log in using your company credentials
  • Browse videos by topic using the search function
  • Add a video to your workspace
  • Then share the workspace-generated link to your students

Whether it’s to support multi-modal learning, as a general interest task or as a Friday afternoon filler when students need a brain break, Clickview has your Video for Education sorted. 

3. Video for Learning? Try Educational TED Talks

When Video Productions need to get inspirational, you can’t go past TED Talks. 

But did you know that TED has now published a special education-specific series of videos on its website?

TED’s “Ideas on Education” Video Production in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane locations offer a great set of resources for use at staff meetings, professional learning sessions, and more. 

Whether you’re looking to support existing staff learning, inspire staff at morning briefing, or offer staff a broad and balanced activity to help support them through a testing time for all, TED’s Ideas on Education offer short, sharp, beautiful isight into a range of inspiration ideas when it comes to Video for Teaching and Video for Learning.

4. Video for Learning? Check out National Geographic on YouTube

So, hands up, please: who had any idea that National Geographic has one of the world’s most top-ranking YouTube channels?

When you think about it, it makes sense.

National Geographic’s YouTube channel is a great place to stop by re: Video for Teaching and Video for Learning. Offering support to teachers of Geography, Science, Biology, the Humanities, and much, much more, it also exists as a great Friday pick-me-up and an opportunity for escapism in a time when travel is restricted.

Any, finally:

5. Video for Learning? It’s time for TeacherTube!

Essay-writing skills…

Persuasive texts…

Communication techniques, and more.

They’re the lessons that teachers are always repeating – day in, day out, and for a whole rage of different students. 

A relative newcomer to the Video for Education space, TeacherTube offers a great range of video and animated content for skills-based education.

Whether you’re looking for short-form Videos for Teaching writing skills or longer-form, pre-recorded lesson content to help fill a tricky spot in the daily schedule, TeacherTube offers a range of Video for Learning that helps to inspire, engage and occupy (in the most educational way possible!) your students, for longer.

Of course, if you need any help with creating your very own Video for Education, we can easily help you with that.

We can’t wait to meet you.