How to Use Video for Internal Communications Strategy


Ready to up your internal communications strategy game? Video definitely is!

60% of companies don’t have a long-term strategy for great internal communications. 

Sorry, what?

Astonishing, right? To put it into perspective, a study by Smarp (2020) found that 4 out of 5 employees believed that great internal business comms skyrocketed their performance and productivity. When up to 70% of people would prefer to engage with video over any other content format, you really have to wonder – why are so many businesses falling behind the internal comms 8-ball?

Great internal communications strategy is easy to achieve, and come in many forms.

For many of us, we understand internal communications to be the business function that’s wholly responsible for slick, effortless and well-structured communications amongst the employees of an organisation. It can involved processes for documenting and distributing information, for celebrating achievement, and for undertaking daily transactions of communication. 

And when these functions and systems are efficient, it can really make or break the nature of the workplace.

Into 2020 and beyond, when the contemporary workplace has been tested by the COVID-related necessities of engaging multiple employees across multiple locations and multiple home office situations, great internal comms has become a priority. Not only that, but in addition, an absolutely essential element of good business. 

Let’s take a look at why video is such a wonderful choice for not only great social media campaigns, productions and more, but the way your organisation does business internally as well!

When it comes to content strategy, why do good internal communications videos matter?

Great internal comms achieve many things. Not least:

  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity
  • A sense of calm and ease in the workplace
  • Effective documentation and storage of information
  • Less paper waste!

And don’t we all want to work more efficiently and calmly? Of course.

Add great video productions and animations to the scenario, and you have a wonderfully tasty receipt for internal comms success.

Video ticks all the boxes when it comes to effective, engaging and time-efficient corporate communication. Why? Because it’s just so damn versatile!

With video and animation, you can:

  • Document and store information in an alternative format (spoken/recorded, for example) meaning less paper, less minute-taking, fewer Word docs and more time to spend on the important stuff!
  • Humanise and refresh the management style of your business – why not begin some lighthearted video updates from your CEO or senior management team?
  • Support the messaging of your great social media videos and animations – video captures a whole lot of information (including your organisational values, aims and goals) and translate it into a format that can support a consistent brand and key messaging

…and so much more!

What are some good ideas for strategic corporate internal communications videos?

Glad you asked.

Great video productions, great social media videos and awesome corporate animations are only part of the picture when it comes to making video a central part of your corporate comms strategy.

Video can lift, energise and revolutionise your corporate internal comms strategy in ways like no other format.

How about these ideas, for example?

Have you ever tried:

  • Video-recording your staff meetings (rather than sending written minutes)
  • Sending video messages of support to your colleagues (rather than lengthy emails)
  • Subbing-in a corporate video communication for corporate greetings (rather than a boring digital Christmas card!)
  • Revolutionising your onboarding comms to include video-only learning modules (rather than long, wordy documents full of text)
  • Unifying your multiple offices across multiple cities by creating corporate video productions that engage your diverse employees (rather than loading up employees’ workdays with emails and platform communications!)

And guess what?

These are but a few of your options when it comes to using video and animation for amazing corporate, internal communications. 

Are you ready?

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