What is Corporate Video Production?

What is Corporate Video Production?

What is Corporate Video Production?

What is corporate video production, and why does it matter?

If you’re getting stuck into content strategy for 2021, you’re probably considering a deep dive into the big, wide world of corporate content. 

But what is corporate video production? What is a corporate video? And what does the process of making one look like exactly?

Let’s explore, so you can be as efficient and effective as possible when getting your content sorted for the year ahead!

What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production is a process. Usually, it describes the steps involved in the end-to-end journey of creating a professional video conducted by an organisation, business or institution – usually for the purpose of marketing. 

What follows, naturally, is the definition of a corporate video.

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a general term used to describe all types of video/audio communications used messaging and/or marketing purposes, within a corporate setting. 

Animation companies, video production companies, and all classifications of audiovisual production companies can create corporate content. One way the corporate video can be distinguished from traditional video advertising is by the audience to which the content is shaped. 

Corporate videos are usually targeted at a specific audience – whether this other businesses (business-to-business, or B2B marketing) or a specific group of consumers or clients (business-to-consumer, or B2C marketing).

What is the purpose of a corporate video?

If you’ve caught yourself wondering what corporate video production is, you’ve probably also been curious about its purpose.

Aside from being a key strategic tool in the corporate content strategies of all companies, corporate videos tend to be shaped to very specific sales purposes – in particular, the aim to achieve or elicit a particular call to action (CTA) intended to produce particular results/actions by the consumer/audience.

Corporate videos can be shaped to persuade, present information, elicit action, or inform, amongst other purposes. For example, a corporate video might be crafted to present particular financial results to stakeholders, attract new corporate talent, or highlight particular information during the onboarding process of new employees. 

Here’s a corporate video we created for our client, Kordamentha announcing their extraordinary, cloud-based document review platform, RelativityOne:

What are the types of corporate videos available?

Each corporate video format has its own specific purpose. Here are three main types:


The clue is in the name: promotional videos detail a specific corporate product, service or initiative, aiming to promote the subject in question.

Here’s a great 3D animation, a promotional video, we produced for Everhard:


Training videos can be used for any kind of internal or external purpose where the aim is to increase the knowledge and skills base of the target audience – from onboarding, to ongoing professional learning, and anything in-between.

Training videos can even take the form of ‘how to’ animations, the purpose of which can be to inform the viewer of new or important-to-emphasise approaches to particular scenarios, like this 2D animation we completed for Yarra Leisure:


Sometimes, you just want to make a big announcement!

Corporate videos are perfect for this purpose and can be shaped to deliver particular messaging, news, and information on a given subject, just like this one we crafted for our client, The University of Melbourne:

What steps are involved in corporate video production?

Making corporate videos is an exciting process – one in which we engage openly and readily with our clients in order to achieve best-possible outcomes for all stakeholders. 

Put simply, we love creating corporate video!

To find out more about the steps involved in the creation of corporate video during the corporate video production process, check out this post.

And of course, if you need any help creating corporate content designed to excite, convert and engage, you know what to do

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