What Are The Steps In Video Production?

What Are The Steps In Video Production?

What Are The Steps In Video Production?

The steps in the video production process can be mystifying… that was, until now!

Looking for a business video production partner, animation company, or some top-shelf web video production options in Melbourne and beyond?

Maybe you are.

But what’s even more likely – if you’re smart – is that first, you want to know how to work efficiently with a corporate content production partner. Especially so you can get the most out of your content partnership with the experts. 

So, what exactly are the steps in video production? How do production companies get from content idea to final delivery, and everything in-between?

Let’s take a look.

STEP 1: Engage an expert video production company

The first step in the video production process for great corporate content, animation and other web production videos? Speak with the experts.

Of course, there’s a bunch of companies available these days that’ll produce your corporate content and make it look half-good.

But why would you bother with just anyone when you can get a whole lot of Pickle Pictures value-add?

Engaging a great company has huge benefits – not only do you get great-looking, great-quality content, but:

  • Huge teams and industry networks, nationwide and into the APAC region – saving you time, money and resources
  • 20+ collective years of industry experience
  • In-built content strategy – content that can increase ROI and help you achieve real impact!
  • A completely, 100% in-house animation team – quick turnarounds only!

…and so much more.

Start with a great company, and you and your corporate content strategy are already saving yourself a huge amount of precious time and money down the track. 

STEP 2: Leave ample time for the planning and development of your video production and content ideas

Why is development one of the most important steps in video production?

To begin, quick-content is often unplanned content. Unplanned content is content that lacks longevity, gets lost in the backend of your website or cloud after a few short-lived weeks, doesn’t get you ROI, and fails to last more than a single campaign or season. 

I mean, everyone wants bang for their buck when it comes to affordable video content solutions. So why not emphasise the development stage of your video production planning and aim to get more from your video content in the long run?

A great video and animation company can help you with:

  • How to create engaging content
  • How to organise development workshops with your colleagues
  • How to create a brief or briefing document
  • How to source talent
  • How to write and edit a script
  • How to make video content more accessible (e.g. captions, text-on-screen, image descriptions etc.)
  • How to record video on iPhone or Samsung for editing down the track 
  • How to translate your business goals, values and aims into content that converts

…and much, much more! 

What are we trying to tell you? That development is everything. Make sure you allocate enough time for this incredibly important step in the video production process!

STEP 3: Storyboarding and briefing your video content

Often incorporated into the development phase, storyboarding and briefing are two major elements of the development phase.

So… what is storyboarding exactly? Storyboarding is the process of graphically organising (in terms of illustrations, images, graphic mock-ups or otherwise) images – displayed in a sequence – for the purpose of visualising the end result of a video, animation, motion graphic or other interactive video media sequence. 

Making sure that there’s alignment between the briefing document (the document that your video production company will give to you to detail your requirements/the requirements of the job) and the storyboard is crucial – and this part will require awesome, efficient communication with your video production partner.

Of course, your brief should include key details like messaging, CTAs, context, text required, captioning information, and more. Speak with your video content partner about what information they’ll need to make your brand new video as engaging and successful as it should be.

Luckily at Pickle, fast, efficient and super-friendly communication is our number-one priority. This is where things get really exciting and interesting as you see your animation and video ideas leave your brain and come to life!

STEP 4: Enter the edits phase 

The next essential step in video production? Editing! Your video production partner will help lead you through the edits process, which can differ from company to company. 

Most companies will offer you a standard number of edits ‘rounds’ per job.

STEP 5: Final delivery and monitoring of your video content

The best bit? When the edits are done and the launch of your content begins!

Before you go public, you might like to test our your brand new video or animation with a trusted group of colleagues (internally) or regular, trusted clients. 

Our top hint is to go back to your initial aims and goals – as articulated in the brief – and make sure your content is hitting the nail on the head.

Are you ready?

Now’s the time to really nail those all-important steps in the video production process!

Of course, if you need any help with that, we’re here to assist.