Types of Video

What Types of Video Are There?

The verdict is out: video is 2022’s most powerful digital marketing trend. 

But why? 

We’re sure we don’t have to spend too much time convincing you. Did you know, for example, that by the end of 2022 it’s estimated that 82% of global internet traffic will be attributed to video downloads and streaming (Cisco 2019)? 

If you’re not yet on the digital content bandwagon or accustomed to the immense power that is video in all its forms, get ready: we’re about to run you though 3 wonderful but incredibly different types of videos, as well as their key strengths and best-fit uses.

The best bit? They’re ripe-and-ready to introduce into your very own 2022 content marketing strategy!

1. 2D Animation

Yes, animation is definitely a type (or subcategory) of video!

Just like the example above, 2D animation has a huge variety of uses when it comes to clear, concise and incredibly engaging content for your clients. Without relying on human talent or real-life shoots to co-ordinate, 2D animation is a vastly different type of video that impresses everyone – prospective and current audiences alike.

But what is 2D animation?

Glad you asked. 2D animation is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space – in this case, when a video production company creates images on a computer or television screen. It can include the use of specially designed characters, colour palettes, backgrounds, logos, music, sound effects, and more

With 2D animation, you can:

  • Condense dense information into a single engaging piece of content
  • Articulate complex concepts quickly and effectively
  • Achieve a colourful and engaging video affordably and effectively
  • Create and maintain your own suite of specially designed characters
  • Craft a video that’s imaginative, boundary-pushing and informative
  • Publish exciting explainer videos for staff and customer on-boarding
…and much, much more. 

2. 3D Animation

Just like its 2D cousin, 3D animation is a type of video that has a huge number of benefits for companies, organisations, corporations and small business alike.

But what’s the difference between 2D and 3D animation?

3D animation occurs when computer-generated imagery or objects appear to move through three-dimensional space (3D space). One defining attribute of 3D animation is that objects can be moved, spun, tracked and rotated using the same principles as real life. For video production companies, this makes it incredibly useful for creating detailed models – like what’s needed for a new product or specialised design, for example.

3D animation is useful because you can:

  • Detail intricately designed models 
  • Explore or ‘tour’ designs for which the same level of exploration wouldn’t be possible in real life (e.g. flying in/around a building)
  • Accurately demonstrate how the components of a new product fit together, as a whole (think Dyson’s revolutionary cordless vacuums)
  • Showcase a new product or architectural design in gripping detail
…and so much more. 


3. Live Action Video

While you’ve probably heard the term ‘video’ before (no kidding!), live action video is a term that’s is used far less often.

Why? Because in video production circles, ‘live action’ is a term used to differentiate between video involving the direction of real people and/or animals, as opposed to computer-generated images and/or effects. 

There are many types of live action video, but the mainstays include scripted narratives, live tutorials, onboarding and/or training videos, documentary-style montages (like the example above), interviews, and other types of videos in which live talent presents either directly or indirectly to-camera.

Live action video allows you to:

  • Make the most of the talent to which you have access
  • Easily ‘humanise’ your content, demonstrating the beauty and nuance of human-based narrative
  • Showcase lifestyle products and services
  •  Highlight real, human stories
  • Emphasise the personal elements of a business, company or organisation
…and so much more.

And of course, if you’re ready to create your very own 2D animation, 3D animation or live action video and take your 2022 content to all-new heights, we offer all this and more.

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