3 Creative Ways to Use Up Your Budget at EOFY

It’s every marketing department’s worst EOFY nightmare: losing – in the following year – that much-needed but severely under-appreciated line of the budget due to underspend.

So – what can you do to make sure your budget sticks around? We’ve got just the solution!

At Pickle Pictures, we offer our client an enticing and multifunctional array of opportunities to use up budget before the financial year passes. If you’re looking for a great video production company who’ll partner with you to achieve the best in content output, we’re primed and ready to roll!

Making a creative deposit can help you create great social media video and animations, just like this one!

1. Put down a creative deposit

The number-one preferred option for our clients looking to spend budget before EOFY is to put down a ‘creative deposit’ on an upcoming project.

A ‘creative deposit’ can be understood as a partial payment or deposit on a project that has been planned and locked in for a future date, or that is yet to be developed.

Some of our valued clients with whom we’ve been working for many years choose to add budget to a ‘project kitty’ before July 1 rolls around. Then, as the content and internal comms strategies are rolled out for the new financial year, the deposit can be allocated to any and all projects requiring attention.

Alternatively, some clients choose to organise an EOFY creative consultation call with us to help understand the range of options they have for future creation of animated corporate content, or other videos. Following, we help our clients draw up an intended strategy for the months ahead, distributing the creative deposit accordingly.

No matter how you look at it, a creative deposit can help ease the burden of deciding how to use up that pesky, leftover budget come EOFY. We can even provide you will all necessary documentation (including a digital or hard-copy tax invoice) to insure the records of your spend are kept up-to-date by your finance team.

2. Create some new videos for social media

If there’s one thing that everyone needs – at any time of year – it’s social media videos.

Usually between 30-60 seconds in length and with the ability to encapsulate a wide range of themes, messages, characters, and branding assets, new social media videos add energy and vibrancy to your brand when it matters most.

Great videos for social media can achieve a variety of outcomes for brands, including:

  • Better brand recall
  • More consistent brand engagement from current and prospective clients, and
  • Greater organic reach

What’s more, video production companies producing the best videos for social media can help you create a video that’s:

  • Animated
  • Scripted
  • Features human talent from your staff cohort

…and much, much more. With videos for social media, your options are endless.

So, if you’re looking to spend that left-over EOFY budget effectively, creatively and sustainably with the best-possible ROI, new social media videos might be your answer!

A great example of onboarding videos – fresh, and ready to impress!

3. Refresh your onboarding comms

One other video format that’s endlessly necessary for consistently successful brands is strong onboarding communications.

Onboarding comms involve the suite of communication materials made available to new employees which helps them reach a necessary point of familiarity with (and induction into) the brand.

Good onboarding comms speak volumes about what your business or organisation is and what it values, believes and supports. What’s more, the way you develop, draft and script your onboarding comms – let alone the format they take – is likely to make or break the process of recruiting your most precious asset: your people.

So, how can great video and animations help?

Animation is a fabulous tool for onboarding, not least because it:

  • Colourful
  • Easily branded
  • Flexible enough to include text and music seamlessly
  • Adaptable enough to embed, absorb and reflect the identities of the audiences you wish to engage
  • Cost-effective
  • Engaging
  • Resistant to COVID-era uncertainty

All of these reasons point to why, in the digital age, great onboarding videos can be the most effective, cost-friendly and sustainable ways of engaging your new employees.

As a video production company specialising in the delivery of onboarding videos, Pickle Pictures prides ourselves on the creation of videos purposefully crafted to inspire your next generation of employees.

The best thing? We can start from whatever point in the process is required. Got a few basic brand assets and the seed of an idea? No worries – let’s do it. Got a fully-drafted script, shoot date, and all your employees ready to go? Easy done.

No matter what your unique vision, goals and aims for this new financial year, one thing’s for certain: Pickle Pictures has your back.

Contact our friendly team today for your free discovery call!