5 Great Animated Video Examples: 2D and 3D Animation

5 Great Animated Video Examples: 2D and 3D Animation

5 Great Animated Video Examples: 2D and 3D Animation

Nothing to do with sea life, really… but how cool is this pic? Would love to see a 2D or 3D animation of this little critter… @Yuri_Hillei

With all the change that 2020 has brought with it, nothing’s ever been more important than developing digital content that sells, solves problems, and embodies the market context in which it was created.

Put simply, examples of good video production and corporate content will always be those that are meaningful and ‘en pointe’; that make sense and align with ‘what’s going on’ more broadly at the time.

In 2020, finding good video production in Melbourne and beyond has meant one thing: flexibility. And this year, of all years, there’s no content format more flexible that animation. 

2D animation, 3D animation, animation for onboarding, training videos, explainer videos, and more: here’s five great animation examples, all of which showcase elements of what our own expert, 100% in-house animation team in Melbourne, at Pickle Pictures, can do for you!

Time to revel in that animation inspo.

1. TEDEd – What is a Coronavirus? (Explainer Video)

This classic explainer video example is produced by TEDEd, one of the world’s leading producers of video content. Why is TEDEd such a ‘go to’ for great animated videos? It’s simple really: it’s simple.

Yes, you read that correctly! Simple is best, and especially when it comes to educational digital content. 

In this particular example of great 2D animation, the TEDEd syndicate has used its informative, concise, and engaging animation approach to craft a brief, 5min animated video to explain the origins of Coronavirus, a topic of great interest – quite obviously – to the general public in the year that was. 

Of course, in order to condense hefty, evidence-rich scientific evidence and research into a single, 5min, easy-to-understand video, the presentation style needs to be engaging, creative and informative. This is where animation really shines: that is, in its ability to short-form dense information into a fun, interactive, easily digestible example of content whose aim is to inform, inspire and educate.

2. CMS Hub (2D Explainer Video)

Ah, CMS software. 2020’s essential item, right?

So if you’re trying to sell something that a lot of people want (CMS software, that is), how are you going to differentiate your content to make your product really stand out?

In this animated explainer video, one of the top animated explainer video examples put forth by HubSpot, the animation team has used software to design an animated video complete with interesting transitions, laconic narrations (I mean, I’m relaxing just listening to this!), and clear instructions to the viewer and/or prospective client.

The great thing about this animation is that it makes the annoying (e.g. the task of selecting CMS software for your company) seem kind of fun. Such is the benefit of animated videos for your business: they give you chance to present less-than-ideal (or less-than-interesting) information – those ‘must do’ messages – in a way that allows key messaging and ‘takeaways’ to really be prominent.

3. All Abilities – Glen Eira City Council (2D Explainer Video)

And now, a leading Pickle Pictures example!

Glen Eira City council is a local government constituency located in metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Focused on actively engaging and taking care of its broad range of resident demographics, the council identifies a need for its content to be warm, community-minded and light-hearted in approach.

The first thing that stands out about this animation is its music: sunny and positive, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the mindfully created characters who represent a broad range of residents living in the local area. 

Important branding assets (e.g. logo) were supplied by the client, and incorporated into the storyboard. Animation also gave the client the ability to both narrate and include as text-on-screen key information, so that the animation could cater to a broad range of literacy needs and interests. 

4. Visionline Fireplace Systems (3D Animation)

3D animation – yes, it’s as fun as it sounds!

The perfect way to showcase ‘scientific’ or form-based studies of products, architecture, scientific research and more, 3D animation offers the viewer a fantastic perspective on whatever it is that’s being engaged with.

In this video, the 3D animation takes on a dual purpose: exploring the product, as well as the way that it works within context (e.g. when installed in the building).

For this animation, we worked closely with the client to understand the ‘problem’ their product helps solve for their clients, producing a 3D animated video that provides a clear explanation to the client re: the value-add offered by a Visionline system. 

The most fantastic thing about this approach is that it supports the client to take on a huge range of highly specific information within the time confines of a brief, animated video. Great!

5. Bottledrop – Yum Yum Videos (Explainer Video)

…and a super-fun one to finish us off!

This bold, colourful and very much character-led animated video example was created for Bottledrop, a recycling centre located in Oregon, USA.

At its core, this example showcases the ability of animation to take an average subject (e.g. informing about a recycling centre’s processes) and transport it into the realm of a subject that’s exciting, interesting and easy to engage with.

The best way to achieve that? This video says it all: keep the colour scheme bright, the characters diverse and colourful, the tone of voice casual, and the language informal.

Even the sound FX are fun!

So… are you ready to try your own animation?

Drop us a line today.